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Delivering Online Marketing Results For Hundreds Of Clients Nationwide

Valtira is dedicated to developing tools that are innovative, customer centric and easy to use.

We believe that your website is a central part of your sales and marketing strategy - our tools are designed to build "websites with brains" and assist the selling process.

We help our customers manage content, personalize messaging, and engage customers to improve return on marketing investment. And we measure everything.

Our tools are deployed as a service over the web - so the marketing team can move at its own pace and is not dependent on IT schedules.

Established in 2003 and based in Minneapolis, we serve a broad range of customers including Fortune 500 companies, mid-market organizations, new ventures and government agencies.

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Valtira LLC
1201 Marquette Ave South
Suite 330
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Phone: +1.612.338.3794
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On Cloud Apps

"...What I mean by building a cloud app is designing and implementing an application in a disconnected way, leveraging cheaper on-demand infrastructure. Amazon's cloud offers many services that I can just use, rather than have to setup, administer and maintain myself. I've built applications using EC2 (for HTML/JSP/Video Streaming), SNS (for notifcations to users), S3 & CloudFront for CDN. All of these services I could run using my own infrastructure & applications, but I don't need to anymore. All of these services exist & operate without the other, but together, provide the services users need..."

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